About Us

A Few Words About Us

Better and smarter.
People at satoli love to seek for solutions to combine both, technology and human power, to provide a broad range of smart solutions for business processing.

In fact, we think the Industry 4.0 approach further, by e.g. not only using robotics for industrial applications: We integrate in your daily life. Beside, we are able to setup and carry out the herewith required implementation projects, and develop comprehensive apps for humanoid robots.

Our approach is hereby different from classic strategies, to secure that we light up any attitude of required solution.



satoli GmbH
Board of Directors: Ingo Harpel
Neue Reihe 3a
38448 Wolfsburg
info [at] satoli.de

HRB 205572 Handelsregister Braunschweig
Ust ID: DE302217974


What We Offer


From Strategy to Life
Elaboration of End to End Strategies covering all aspects of daily work and marketable technology.


Advice, setup and deliver
From Start to End: navigate through each cycle of a project, by taking care of common industry standards, but also having our own point of view.


Get knowledged for tomorrow.
We try out by our own, before we use for customer projects -  use of new technologies, e.g. such as new drone models and robots, as well as their software.